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Site Selection - Pre Purchase Advise
If you are not sure if or how you can develop your land? Or maybe you would like to know how many dwellings you can fit on a property before committing to a purchase? ModDesign Studio can help.

Project Consultation
An initial consultation here at ModDesign Studio or Onsite to discuss the general scope of your project is provided with a view to understanding what you require & how you would like it to function, this ultimately leads to formulating a design brief for your project.

From this initial consultation a schedule of fees for the services necessary will be able to be provided for your approval.

Concept Design
Incorporating your design brief, conceptual plans take into account all aspects of the proposal; balancing structural requirements against aesthetics, site constraints against building codes, energy efficiency against conducive design.
Our concepts are viable, both for the clients and for the builders.

Town Planning
Whether itís  a small dual occupancy or large townhouse development, a family home on large acreage, an apartment complex, a restaurant or office building, our planning knowledge and experience allows us to professionally manage your planning (& building) application needs up to commencement of construction works & beyond.

Our knowledge of the planning process plays a huge part in having planning drawings approved with a limited amount of fuss.

Working Drawings
Our architectural working drawings and documentation incorporate the structural aspects, energy efficiency and finishes deemed to comply with the relevant codes and acts, including: Building Code of Australia, National Construction Code, Victorian Building Act, ResCode, 6 Star Thermal Energy Efficiency Rating and various Planning Schemes  & are ready to obtain a building permit from our registered building surveyor.

Energy Reports
Energy efficient design is part of our philosophy and we incorporate this into every one of our projects from the concept stage.
We are able to produce detailed reports into the energy requirements of your project & utilize this information with the aim of meeting your desired energy usage outcome. 

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